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What we're all about....

Practical, no BS ways to enjoy the sh*t out of life! 

At Bhively,  we are on a mission to inspire, share and foster a more inclusive and positive community.  I'm obsessively passionate about it. We want to help people (and companies) ignite the fires of personal and professional growth that create amazing places to work, live and play.   We share valuable tips and tools gained through lived experience, evidence-based research, and tried, true, and tested ways to succeed and fail (fast) so you can concentrate on the most important things to you!


After all,  People are the backbone of what we love, what we do, what gets us out of bed in the morning,

and what fuels our passions.  We should spend time helping each other. 

As we continue to build our community, we will do our best to find ways to help you with the things you are working on in your life and ways to enjoy the sh*t out of your life! 

Be well - Sara 

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